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Carved cabinet for 200 year old Napoleonic War Ship

This magnificent, exceptionally large, early 19th century Napoleonic French Prisoner-of war bone model for a first-rate ship of the line, with a hundred guns, needed a cabinet that matched the quality of the model's craftsmanship.
With very little time we set to work making the case from scratch which was in itself a challenge giving its need to be at least a metre and a half in length. We decided that the base should simulate the sea. To achieve this we combined a carved ripple moulding, and inlaid beading and twisted rope. Many layers of gesso were applied prior to washing the base with a soft pale blue wash, whilst a terracotta wash was applied to the uprights. A simple cassetta moulding was used to surround the lower platform and fluted vertical mouldings to hold the UV glass in place. These were trimmed with a twisted rope motif. Rather than place UV glass on all four sides of the cabinet, it seemed unusual to reflect the model by placing a back of Italian antique flecked mirror glass, thus adding further sparkle to its existing splendour. The case was finished with a black bole on a terracotta base, and remains accessible through a side door with two elegant brass handles, so the vessel can be placed one way, or other, as our client desires. This commission was truly a labour of love and a fitting tribute to the extraordinary craftsmanship of those prisoners of war over two hundred years ago.