Twilight in the Campagna

Twilight in the Campagna



Twilight in the Campagna
signed and inscribed ‘Cabianca, Roma’
oil on canvas
16 ¼ x 36 ¾ in. (41.2 x 93.3 cm.) in its original 19th Arts and Crafts frame

Vincenzo Cabianca (1827-1902) was born in Verona and, a brief period in a seminary, became, in 1842, a pupil of Giovanni Callari at the Accademia di Belle Arti. After a brief spell at the Accademia in Venice, Cabianca turned aside to join the Italian rebellion against Austrian rule. His participation in the defence of Bologna may have led to his move in 1853 to Florence, outwith the Austrian sphere of influence. In Florence he formed friendships with Telemaco Signorini (1835-1901) and Odoardo Borrani (1835-1904) and, in due course, became part of the Macchioli group. The Macchioli were renowned for executing their landscapes en plein air and Cabianca appears to have been happy to put temporarily to one side the academic style he had been taught to devote himself to excursions into the countryside. His moves to Parma in 1863 and thereafter to Rome in 1870 appear to have encouraged a return to a more academic approach but he seems to have been adept at switching styles when the mood took him, with some impressive landscapes painted in the south of Italy. In 1893 he suffered a severe stroke which brought to an end his painting career.